Poetry For An Early Day


He goes to bed in a dark and lonely room
His body is cold and his thoughts are distant
Distant thoughts about a very special person
She dances through his head whenever she feels like it
He couldn’t stop her even if he wanted her to
He likes to see her dance, to see her smile
As the room gets darker
He pulls the covers tighter to fight off the cold
The cold of winter and loneliness
His last thoughts of the night are thoughts of hope
Hope that she will wake up the next morning
Warm and smiling.

Of Hope And Happiness On A Sunday

Flying Blind

Meeting someone new
Enjoying each other’s company
Feelings of friendship forming

The thought that a person
Can feel love towards another,
Can accept another,
And can create a friendship
That is as meaningful
As any other

In true friendship there is love
A love that, if it is not hindered
Could found a firm relationship
And when it is controlled,
There is a bond formed
That will keep the two friends
In touch for life.

Sundays are for poetry, coffee, and mimosas

A Flower For Every Season

Beauty is the crimson Rose
Flaring red so that people
Will come close to smell

Personality is the golden Dandelion
Erupting in yellow so that people
Will come close and end up
With a splotch of colorful personality
On their nose

Mix the two and the result
Is the ivory Honeysuckle
The pleasant aroma attracts people
To come nearer and discover
The sweet honey inside.